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A Movement for
Your Health

Experience professional developed fitness programs, workouts, and health videos.

Each video workout is designed by physical therapist/strength coaches with your health in mind.

A Movement For
All Skill Levels

Every MOVE workout has 3 exercise variations: Main, Lower Bell (easier), and Upper Bell (harder).

Start With a Unique
Movement Customizer

Go through a clinical grade movement screen to determine your ideal movement strategy.

Find your ideal Squat

Find your Overhead Position

Find your ideal Push up

Find your ideal Hinge

Your Instructors

Learn from expert Doctors of Physical Therapy and Strength Coaches.

Dr. Gene Shirokobrod

Dr. Meghan Wieser

Dr. Ryan Smith

Let's Move!

Get started with a FREE 14 Day Trial.

Recharge Move Membership is $19/month, paid annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

if you can't find an answer to your question, contact us here.

What is Recharge Move?

Recharge Move is a unique health and fitness video on demand platform. It was created by doctors of physical therapy in an effort to help more people have access to high quality exercise programming.

What makes Recharge Move Special?

Recharge is an actual brick and mortar facility which opened in 2016. Over the years the team at Recharge perfected a uniquely modern health and fitness program focused on sustainable health. Recharge Move utilizes proven exercise science principles, medical knowledge, and movement expertise of physical therapists into an effective system. The core principle is that there is A Movement for All.

The Complete Programs of Recharge Move are 10 weeks long, and 4 workouts per week. The first week is called Test Week. During this first part, you are carefully taken through the details and intricacies of the program by a physical therapist coach. And no, you do not need to have aches or pains to benefit. Having a physical therapist coach gives you an extra level of expertise on movement. After Test Week, you have 8 weeks of workouts. Then, you will have a final Retest Week, during which you repeat Test Week to gauge your progress.

Do I need exercise experience to benefit from a Recharge Move membership?

Great question and no you don't! Recharge Move is designed for everyone. We’ve accounted for all skill levels by integrated a “Bell System.” Most people fall into the main programming, and will be able to do the workouts as shown. However, if you need to make it easier or if you need more of a challenge, we have you covered too! Each and every workout has a Lower Bell (easier) and Upper Bell (harder) variation. There is truly a movement for all.

How do I get the workouts?

Every workout is professionally produced and recorded with the highest quality video. You are able to follow along with the workout videos or you can review it and do it at your own time and pace.

What does membership include?

Your Recharge Move Membership includes access to everything! As part of membership you have access to all workouts, programs, and self-improvement videos. You also get access to all the new weekly content. In short, your one membership gives you access to it all. No hidden fees. No additional purchases.

How much does Recharge Move cost?

You get an all-access membership, which includes all workouts, programs, and additional videos for $19/month billed annually. You will also receive new weekly content as part of your membership.

Can I try it first?

Absolutely! Every membership begins with a Free 14 day trial. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with Recharge Move within those 14 days you can cancel at no cost.

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