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Imagine having the unique combination of clinical knowledge of a physical therapist and the strength training expertise of a master coach.

Exercise is a Purposeful Movement

When harnessed and dosed properly it's one of the most potent medicines available. There are many options and forms of exercise available to you. Yet, only one option when you want to combine the knowledge of clinicians with the expertise of master coaches. In Recharge MOVE, we've integrated years of clinical knowledge and strength coaching experience into a constantly growing fitness platform. If you've ever experienced an injury, ache or pain Recharge MOVE is perfect for you. If you've ever felt that other exercise platforms are too generic then Recharge MOVE is perfect for you. If you've ever felt lost, unmotivated, or fearful to exercise then Recharge MOVE is perfect for you.

Recharge MOVE provides an opportunity to harness movement in a unique, approachable, and customizable way. There is a Movement for All. Find Yours with Recharge MOVE.

Our Team

Our team brings a unique combination of clinical knowledge and master coach experience. We've been helping keep our community healthy and fit for years with our unique in-person training system at Recharge. Now, we bring everything we've learned and developed to you with Recharge MOVE.

Dr. Meghan Wieser


Dr. Ryan Smith


Dr. Gene Shirokobrod


Dr. Cory Hough


A Movement For All

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Customize Your Movement

We recommend starting your journey with Find Your Movement Customizer. This way you can fine tune you foundational movements. Afterwards, you can further work through movement limitations with our Essentials of Movement series. If you are ready to workout, choose between our growing Full Program options or jump into a one-off workout. Want to spend some time on mobility or simpler movements? Then Prepare To Move is your go-to.

3 Difficulty Levels

Not sure whether you can do it? No problem! We've developed a unique Bell Curve system. Each workout is graded in a difficulty level system ranging from easy (lower bell) to hard (upper bell). Even cooler, within most workouts you will have an option to pick an easier or harder variation of each movement. So regardless of your fitness level, there will be an option for you.

Try New Programs

MOVE is here for you. Every week new programs, exercises, and movement strategies will be added. Keep MOVING! Build the habit of MOVEment. Want help? Join our growing Fb Group to engage with like-minded MOVErs.

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